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Payment Policy

All enrollees of Perxels Design School are required to make an upfront payment of fees as determined by the payment plan and method for their course.

For installment payments, enrollees are expected to settle the remaining balance in monthly installments as specified by the chosen payment plan. Failure to do this would be met with repercussions such as denial of entry into classes.

For one-time payments, enrollees are expected to make full payment before the commencement of classes. Failure to do this would be met with repercussions such as denial of entry into classs.


  1. No refunds on fee payment would be made by Perxels after the first (1st) week of training by an enrollee who has begun training.
  2. In the event of payment for a course being made and the enrollee has not commenced training, 70% of the money will be refunded to the enrollee in 30days, with the remaining 30% allocated to perxels.
  3. After the period of one (1) month, no refunds would be made by Perxels, even in cases where the enrollee has not begun training.

Student Eligibility

Perxels provides UIUX Design education for anyone between the age of 17-50 years who have a financial income of any sort and can make payment for education.

    Payment Plans

    At Perxels Design School, we offer convenient payment plan options for students who prefer to pay for their program in multiple installments. To provide flexibility, we have established the following payment arrangement:

    Students can choose to make an initial upfront payment of 60% of the total program cost. The remaining balance can be paid after one month, allowing students to manage their financial commitments more effectively.

    This payment plan structure ensures that students can secure their enrollment with a significant upfront payment and have a reasonable timeframe to settle the remaining amount.

      Default Sanction

      Perxels Design School reserves the right to take necessary legal actions if a student fails to meet their repayment obligations for one month.

      In the event of default on payment after one month, Perxels Design School may initiate legal proceedings to recover the outstanding balance.

      We encourage students to communicate with our financial services department in case of any financial difficulties or unforeseen circumstances that may affect their ability to make timely payments.

        Program Deferment

        In situations such as National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) obligations, preparations for events like weddings, funerals, or any other valid reason, Perxels Design School allows students to defer their program enrollment for a duration of one (1) month only.

        During this deferment period, the student temporarily suspends their participation in the program. However, it's important to note that the deferment is valid for one month only. Upon the expiration of one month, the student is expected to fully re-enroll to regain access to the program. Please note that no refund will be provided after the one-month deferment period.

        To initiate the deferment process:

        1. Send an email to Perxels Design School: perxelsmanager@gmail.com
        2. Said email addressed to Perxels should have the subject: 'PROGRAM DEFERMENT'
        3. Said email should contain the student's full name, class, and last project done, including reasons for deferment.
        4. Subsequent follow-up should be done within the same email thread for proper documentation.

        Also Note: At the return from deferment, the student have to wait until we have a slot in a class. Our classes at Perxels have maximum number, if the class is full, the defered student will have to wait even if it is a year.

        Program Access

        At Perxels Design School, a student is granted access to the Slack channel for a period of 1 year following the completion of their program. After the specified duration of 1 year, all rights and access to the Slack channel will be terminated.

        In the event that a student cancels their program after the class has commenced, they will be promptly removed from the Slack channel, and their access to the program content will be revoked.

        We kindly remind students to carefully consider their commitment to the program before enrollment, as once the class has started, program cancellations will result in the immediate removal of access to the learning platform.


          At Perxels Design School, trainings are hands-on and practical. As such, punctuality is encouraged at all times. Students are advised to join classes within the stipulated time. In cases of lateness, students are mandated to inform their tutor before commencement of classes, so that provisions can be made to accommodate such students during lectures.


            At the completion of training at Perxels, students are required to fill out a form provided. This is compulsory for the processing of Students' certificates.

            For students who had missed out on this, they are required to send an email to perxelsmanager@gmail.com requesting for the form 

            Certificates are sent out every first week of every month to students who have completed training and met all requirements for graduation.

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              For questions, inquiries, and suggestions about our Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to Contact Us at perxelsmanager@gmail.com.

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